Come freediving in Tahiti!

This once in a lifetime trip will bring you face to face with mother and baby humpback whales in the most incredible setting imaginable


Mo’orea, French Polynesia, a 45-minute scenic ferry from the PPT airport. A little heart shaped island surrounded by a barrier reef system giving it one of the most unique surrounding lagoons in the world. With its undiscovered feel, crystal clear warm waters and towering emerald peaks, this island is sure to capture your heart like it did ours.


September 23 – 30th, 2023

What’s out there?

Every year between July and November, hundreds of humpback whales journey from Antartica to Mo’orea to mate, give birth and raise their calves. You can expect to see whales from the boat, and whales underwater on our snorkel expeditions. We’ve rented boats with captains and naturalists that specialize in whale behavior and observation. Our goal is to swim with them in the most respectful manner possible.

You may also meet pinktail whiprays – gentle, harmless but curious stingrays during our lunch breaks in the lagoon. These, as well as black tip reef sharks are found at specific locations far from the whales, and it will be your choice to observe them from the boat or in the water as they pass by peacefully.

Mo’orea’s waters are also known for pilot whales (we swam with pods twice on our last trip), as well as dolphins, turtles and eagle rays and occasionally oceanic white tips.

Having a barrier reef is a bonus, allowing for sheltered vibrant corals surrounding the island in shallow clam water – and beyond the breakwall, the water drops to 90-100 feet -perfect for freediving!

Mo’orea is very conscious of its coral health and human impact. Scientists, researchers and marine biologists are monitoring and attempting to maintain the health of the surrounding corals in the lagoon, as well as growing different types of coral and replenishing diminished reefs. These coral trees sit in about 60 feet of water and are an optional dive spot for our boat dive day.

Where will we stay?

The waterman house sits on Cook’s Bay, the most picturesque bay of Mo’orea, with a private dock for enjoying meals and sunsets together, surrounded by towering mountain pinnacles and emerald-green water. We’ll have paddleboards and kayaks available to explore the bay. The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house also has an outdoor shower, as well as foosball, ping pong, table tennis and a pool table. One giant upstairs bunkstyle room has enough beds to house an army – 2 king beds, 6 sofa futons and air conditioning. Plenty of outdoor space and toys to enjoy the water.

What’s included?

  • 6 nights accommodations in our oceanfront villa
  • Kayaks and paddleboards for adventuring on the lagoon
  • 3 days of whale swim snorkeling expeditions with humpback whales on a private boat
  • Deeper diving off a boat exploring the outer reef or the coral tree plantation
  • Transportation from the Mo’orea Ferry Dock to our waterman house, and back on the departure day

What’s not included?

  • Round trip flights to Papeete (Airport code PPT) *Hint: Try French Bee budget airlines from SFO or LAX to PPT (Book flights as soon as you can to capture their $350 price each way.)
  • Overnight hotel near the Papeete airport before your return flight home on the 30th
  • Roundtrip ferry from Tahiti to Mo’orea (typically $22-35 RT)
  • Food (To keep costs low, we generally cook large meals together at the house and split the grocery tab. You are welcome to eat out on your own anytime if you prefer.)
  • Alcohol *Very expensive in Tahiti, we recommend bringing your own from Duty Free as you fly in
  • Tips for boat guides and crew 😊
  • Personal expenses
  • Activities you choose to do on the “off” days that we are not swimming with whales

Cost and Conditions?

The trip price is $2,450 USD per person for room share and $2,650 per person for private king room.

A deposit of $600 holds your place.

Payment plan of $500 to 1,000 per month. Full expedition price paid by July 11th, 2023.

The expedition will happen with a minimum of 7 people. It’s a small group of friends trip, we max out at 12 people.

We want things to be fair for everyone. This is why, in case of cancellation, we will fully refund you if we are able to someone else to take your spot.

If we don’t reach the minimum of 7 people, or the trip is postponed due to Covid reasons, we will fully refund everyone after September 2023. This friends’ trip is super flexible. We have three reserved days set to swim with whales off our own private boat for a more intimate encounter with them. But the island has a ton to offer, so we have three and a half days wide open where you can choose your own adventures!

Logistics and itinerary:

September 22nd: Book your overnight flight leaving Sand Francisco SFO on the Frech Bee Budget airline, arrives into Papeete (PPT) at 4:45am on September 23rd. If you are not flying French Bee, make sure your flight arrives before 3pm on the 23rd, as you will need to catch the last ferry by 5:30 t0 the island.

After clearing immigration at the airport, take the 45-minute scenic ferry (Aremeti or Terevau Ferries run daily from Papeete) from Papeete to Mo’orea. Pickup from Mo’orea ferry terminal by Tim and Sara. Settle into your new home for the week! Grocery shopping run to stock the house.

September 24th: 8am whale boat trip to swim with humpbacks! We have our own private boat, with an amazing crew. Aboard, our naturalist guide will describe whale behavior and safe swimming practices. When we see a group of whales, our naturalist will determine if they are open to spending time with us or not. We do not chase whales, we coexist with them. Please note, Mo’orea rule: Our depth will be shallow – no freediving below 10 feet as the mother whales see this as an advance towards them and may feel threatened and leave. (Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance for deep dives later, just not around the whales!) The whales move, so once we spot a pair, we will enter the water and swim to their location, rather than being dropped in too close, hoping to not spook them. Expect a fun day in the sun off and on the boat, lots of swimming, and heart-melting moments with these gentle giants.  Trip ends at sunset. We will prepare a large meal together at home.

September 25th: Charge your GoPros! 8am whale expedition, half day, private boat until 12:00. Lunch out at a local’s hotspot if you like before heading back to our villa.

September 26th: Choose your adventure. This is an open free day! Hike, bike, kayak, freedive, explore, it’s up to you! We have a boat booked for an optional day of deeper free diving if you like, or take a dry day for island exploring. Boat freedivers may choose to dive the coral tree conservation project, or a sloping deep reef. Depth 60 to 100 feet possible. Weather and ocean conditions determine our dive sites.

September 27th: Open free day! Snorkel, paddle or rent a little motorboat out to visit the black tip reef sharks and swim with the friendly pink tail stingrays, explore the island, lounge on a white beach, your pick! Maybe after already having several days in the water, you’d like to take a break and explore the island! Visit the gorgeous Belvedere overlook where you can see two magnificent bays framed by Mo’orea’s impressive mountain peaks. Sunbathe at the local’s favorite spot – a long, long white stretch of beach with broken seashells and coral amongst old growth palm trees with a colorful shallow reef within the break wall. Snorkel here with the electric-colored corals, or stay dry and do some black pearl shopping. Today is a choose your adventure kind of day.

September 28th: 2pm whale expedition, private boat.  Enjoy sunset over the water with some rum punch at the shark and stingray hotspot. Choose to view them from the boat or hop in to meet these gentle beings face to face.

Pack your bags tonight, with final gear additions after tomorrow’s adventure. Dinner out or at home, your choice. This is our last night in the waterman house.

September 29th: Last day – half day – your choice of activities. Snorkel, hike, dive, tour the island, it’s up to you!

Return to the waterman house from your adventures by 1:00 today, shower, have lunch and grab your suitcases. Sara and Tim deliver you to the afternoon ferry at 2:30 for your departure back to the mainland of Tahiti.

-Overnight in Papeete hotel September 29th (not included, so book ahead) near the PPT airport for your flight out tomorrow. The French Bee flight leaves at 7am, and is the best cost option. Book this flight months ahead if you can!

September 30th: Fly back to the USA.

Bye, bye, Tahiti. Best wishes. Thanks for all the fish!

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