Living In The Flow, LLC

Hopefully, at some point in your life you have set out to do something and everything just fell into place effortlessly, things came together seamlessly, you felt like you were in the right place at the right time and it all just…worked. This is what we mean by being in the flow. It’s a mindset. It happens to be our business name because, hey – putting things in writing is a powerful action, may as well put out there what you want!

By choosing Living In the Flow, you can rest assured we aren’t going to be pushing to make something happen. We’re not pushy guides and we’re not pushy salesmen, we’d rather get to know you and talk story. And, when you go out in the water with us, we are looking out for you. We want you to have the best time possible. The ocean is different every day. We’re not going to push to make something happen, take you out on a day we have no business being in the sea. There are guides out there who will take you just to have the money, even if the conditions are rough and you can’t view the reef. That’s not us. We’ll always be honest with you about what you’re getting into, and if it’s not the right day, we will reschedule for the day that is. This way, we are going with the flow. In the ocean at right time, the right place, and hopefully the same place as that coffee-table sized sea turtle named “Frank The Tank”!

So, Aloha, and welcome. Please feel free to browse around, check out the talents and skills we have to offer you, the services that come naturally to us, and as always, go with the flow.


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