Here’s what customers are saying about diving with us:

“My son and I decided to take the Intro to Scuba session at the Sheraton Maui and I will remember this afternoon for the rest of my life.

Our instructor Tim has lived a life that many of us dream of and does a great job of sharing his story while you are with him. This story gives you confidence that you are spending your time with a person that loves what he does and cares for the people that are diving with him. He takes the time to teach you everything you need and ensure that you are comfortable as you learn, first in the pool and then in the ocean. It was my absolute pleasure to meet Tim regardless of the scuba experience. It was clear to me from my engagement with Tim that he cares about you as a person and does not just see you as a customer.

The scuba experience and being able to share that with my son and Tim was out of this world. This is money and time well spent. You are in the best hands with Tim.”

-John C, Canada


“Sara Ferguson is Awesome!! She relates very well with the kids and guides them in a very instructive and nurturing way. She takes amazing photos for us to take home with them and manages time well so the kids get the maximum amount of time under water. A Must for aspiring divers of all ages!”         -carriagemeadows, Woodside California



“We connected so much with Tim during our first stay, that we came back the following year and tracked him down. We went out for a dive with Sara, and she was so wonderful.

They are both incredibly caring people and were very sensitive to our daughter’s special needs. We cannot recommend them highly enough!” -Allie, Sammamish Washington



“Our kids had an incredible Snuba experience with Sara! We stayed at the Westin Ka’anapali and met the most wonderful instructor Sara. She was incredibly generous, paid attention to detail, and was passionate about our kids SNUBA experience. After testing it out in the pool first, moving to the reef experience on the beach was incredible. Our kids continue to talk about it months later. I highly recommend it for kids and families!” -Brooke R.


“Sara was amazing. We went for the shoreline snuba as first timers. I panicked a bit right off shore and I wanted to go back in. She was very calm and reassuring and asked to give her 2 minutes. I agreed and once I got my face in and was breathing correctly I loved it. She literally held my hand for the first 15 minutes or so. I would highly recommend it. ”   -Laurie B.


“Phenomenal! Our nine year old daughter snorkeled for the first time a few days after we arrived on the island. Immediately she asked if we could SNUBA, so I called a friend who recommended Sara. We could not have been more pleased. She was the perfect person to help our daughter transition from snorkeling to SNUBA. We highly recommend Sara and Shoreline SNUBA, especially for those with kids…”                               -JAMPetaluma, Petaluma California


“Sara was amazing. When we were in Maui last week, my husband signed us up for Shoreline Snuba. I love snorkeling but I was extremely anxious about going under water. However, our guide Sara was incredibly understanding and patient with me. It turned into one of the highlights of our trip. I started out afraid to let go of the Snuba raft and stayed on surface. At first I had hard time getting used to the air regulator’s bubbles and sensation. Sara waited until I got comfortable with breathing through the regulator. Once I was comfortable, she gently led me submerge under water for slow increments. She gradually led me deeper, holding my hand, until I realized I was under 15 feet of water. She never rushed me or forced to do anything I was not comfortable. It was AMAZING and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to try Snuba. She also took bunch of nice pictures of both of us diving, a turtle, Corals, and beautiful fish. She even took pictures of back of my husband and I, holding hands together, going back to the hotel reminiscing the wonderful time. I recommend getting a package deal, which includes a picture CD and wet suites. It is worth it. Thank you Sara for making my trip so memorable.” -Marie M.



“Sara is EXTREMELY gifted with kids. She is patient and even makes the SNUBA dive briefing fun (even for adults)…

Like I said, Sara is the best. She gives clear signals and a great briefing so the kids know what to do and when to do it. She made the whole event quite fun and entertaining.”

-M. Basciano, Irvine California


“After our grandkids tried Snuba in the pool at the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Villas North, our 11 year old grandson was ready to experience it more completely out in the ocean with the help of instructor, Sara. As his 70 year old grandfather, and the only member of the family willing to do so, I decided to accompany my grandson. Although I had done some snorkeling before, I had never tried Snuba, or done any Scuba diving. Any concerns or worries we may have had were quickly quelled by Sara’s knowledge, simple instructions and confident manner. A young pre-teen brother and sister also joined us for our dive. What impressed me most was Sara’s quick bond with all the kids, as well as how attentive and protective she was during the outing. She continually checked in with everyone to confirm they were okay and if anyone got too close to the coral, she would gently nudge them out of the way. I would have no qualms in sending any member of my family out wit her. We saw a Hawksbill turtle and a lot of other sea life and came away with a nice pictorial CD to commemorate our outing. I would highly recommend Shoreline Snuba and particularly instructor Sara for a memorable and fun vacation experience for all.” -W. R. Frey



“Sara Ferguson took our family out twice over the holidays for the kids’ first snuba experience. She was terrific with them, making sure they were comfortable and teaching them the basics. We saw turtles, many tropical fish, even a moray eel and a seahorse at the gorgeous reef right off the beach. We highly recommend Sara!” -Eilspenn, Bethesda, Maryland


“We were staying at the Westin Villas on Kaanapili beach and we met Sara at the pool of the hotel a couple times…She is the sweetest, most patience person I met. She is also so knowledgeable and great with kids. My 8 years old son and I did it together and we had the experience of a lifetime. Thank you Sara!” -Yvatere, Redondo Beach, California


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