Scuba Diving

What We Offer


With multiple dive sites and a wide variety of large and small sea creatures, you have the opportunity to see Hawaii’s most colorful fish, eels, occasionally small docile white tip reef sharks, a passing eagle ray and a very high chance of meeting a huge sea turtle face to face.

Discover Scuba Dives – This 2.5 hour program is perfect for first-timers.  Learn the theory and safety basics of diving during our land lesson. Then get used to the gear and learn basic skills in our pool session before heading to the shore for a guided ocean dive with your instructor on the house reef of either the Hyatt Regency or the Westin KOR. No experience necessary!

PADI Certification Courses – Earn your scuba certification in just two full days after completing your theory and bookwork thru PADI e-learning. We provide personalized instruction and all the gear necessary for your pool and ocean dives during the course. We teach PADI Open Water Diver, Jr Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, CPR and First Aid courses.  Check availability early for courses – call before you arrive or early into your stay. Bookwork, which takes 12-15 hours must be completed before beginning with us. We can issue you online e-learning thru an email before your stay.  See Details Below.

For Certified Divers:

  •  Refresher and pool clinic
  • Single tank house reef dives with an instructor
  • Off-site dives to Mala Warf, 5 Caves or Honolua Bay (in season)
  • Boat dives with a company we know and trust to Lanai, Hammerheads, Carth Wreck, etc.
  • Custom Photo and Video Packages
  • Night dives at the iconic Sheraton Black Rock

For Kids: Children over the age of 8 can enjoy our Bubble Maker program in the pool playing games and doing tricks! It’s a blast! We even have a bubble ring gun!  We do a land lesson first talking about safety and the gear involved, then head to the pool for games and skills. Kids wear their own miniature tank and scuba gear. This is the perfect first introduction to scuba – our aim thru this session is to create a future dive buddy who is excited about scuba!

Dive Times:

We conduct dives at 8:00, 11:00 or 1:00pm. You can book a couple days beforehand, or if you are planning a trip to Maui, it’s easy to reserve your spot months ahead. Call to enquire about availability, 8O8. 856 I329, or send an email to:

Please visit our Scuba Details Page for a list of what to expect, what to bring, etc during your dive.




Begin the life-changing journey of Scuba today!

Junior Open Water classes are available to those over the age of 10. Class structure is identical to the Open Water Course, but junior divers are allowed to go to 40 feet (70 feet at age 15) and after the course must dive with legal guardians or professional divers only.

We highly recommend completing the online e-learning portion of the course prior to your trip on the PADI website where you can do an hour or two of diving theory at a time, save your work and finish with a referral form good for one year.  Bring your referral form to us and you are good to begin the fun part of certification in a warm ocean!

For those who have completed their e-learning, Open Water and Junior Open Water certification courses typically take 2-3 days. Our certifying instructors are patient, encouraging and fun, with safety as our main priority. Private Sessions are also an option upon request. Call or email for prices and availability.


Tim and I pre dive

Tim focuses primarily on diving offsite at locations such as Mala Warf. We have a wonderful small team that works for us, all compassionate PADI dive instructors who would love to take you for a dive based out of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Lahaina. Sara teaches scuba classes by request, but primarily focuses on teaching mermaid experience classes with The Mindful Mermaid Swim Academy at the Hyatt Regency and a neighboring hotel. Children ages 4 and up can become a mermaid with her in the pool, and she also instructs adult and teen mermaids in the certifying card earning PADI Mermaid, PADI Advanced Mermaid in the ocean. If you are keen to become a PADI Basic Mermaid instructor, you can do so through her five-day program.

You don’t have to be certified to go diving with us, and we would love to take your family too! Children over the age of 10 keen on getting into the ocean can come with us on a Discover Scuba Introductory Dive to explore the reef and look for turtles after a thorough safety briefing and skill session in the pool. We have smaller kid friendly tanks and mini gear, and they don’t need to be certified to do a DSD Intro dive. If your kids snorkel or Snuba, they will love taking it one step further!

During our dives, we focus on your safety and enjoyment. Our guides have a caring, gentle, playful approach. Diving is a lot like flying, everything is weightless underwater and we invite our guests to play with this quality by soaring over the coral, or doing handstands on the bottom of the sand.

In essence, we are just going out to play in the ocean. We teach you everything you need to know to be safe beforehand, and then all you have to do is breathe through your mouth and have a great time.

As mentioned, we have three wonderful PADI Instructors who work with us now: Lucas, Jordan, and Chelsea have spent months training with us and are just as concerned for your safety as we are. We are very picky about hiring, we wouldn’t send you out with just anyone. As you know, our focus is on excellent customer service, safety and fun. Please let us know how your time with them was, we sincerely want to know that they held to our priorities and met your expectations!

Photo by Rob Adams

Tim often says, “As guides, we are in the business of creating memories.” Diving is an awesome thing for families to do together, and part of the fun for us is to take as many underwater photos as we can to capture the experience. We offer photo packages with professional high resolution digital images.

What will we see underwater?

The ocean is a humbling, magical, dynamic place and is different every day. Therefore, every dive is different. You will always see corals, fish and a variety of sea urchins and sea stars. From the tiny spotted Hawaiian puffer fish, the graceful ornate butterfly fish, and the cooky Trumpet fish who has a habit of swimming upside down, there are too many natives to name here. Often, our dives are highlighted by appearances of Day Octopus, moray and dragon eels, gentle green sea turtles, manta and eagle rays. These are obviously wild animals and there is no guarantee of seeing them, but they do cruise in and out of the dive site daily.

During whale season, it is possible to hear whales singing back and forth underwater!

This is our passion!

Underwater guiding is an amazing day job, but it is more than that for us. We truly love what we do, and it shows. We want your family to have the best time possible. That means staying at a depth you are comfortable, setting a nice lazy pace, being safety contentious and looking out for your family. Tim and Sara especially love working with children. For some kids, this is their very first time in the ocean. What a powerful, incredible opportunity we have then, to introduce the ocean as a magical place instead of something big and scary. When someone asks what do I do all day? I teach, I guide, I shape a positive relationship between people and the ocean.

Thank you and happy diving!