Scuba Details – What to Expect

Discover Scuba Dive, an Intro to Scuba: 

This program is perfect for beginners, takes 2 to 2.5 hours and involves:

  • Thorough briefing poolside
  • Gear fitting and familiarization (including wetsuit)
  • Skill session in shallow end of pool
  • Swim practice to become comfortable in pool
  • Ocean dive on house reef, averaging 40 minutes, depending upon air consumption

After completion, additional dives may be off-site if desired, depending upon conditions. There is a secure space to leave belongings during the dive.

Bring: Your sense of adventure, towel, swimsuit and gratuity if you are that type of awesome person. Oh, and please bring a true reef safe sunblock (the only two active ingredients that do not harm marine life are Non-nano Zinc and Titanium Oxide. Any other active ingredients harm what you are going out to enjoy, so please be responsible.) We love our reefs and want to protect them for generations to come! 

Certified Diver – House Reef Dive:

This is a 1-1.5 hour program which includes a single tank shore dive at the Hyatt Regency at the south end of Ka’anapali Beach, or the Westin KOR Villas which is not the Westin in Ka’anapali by Whalers but North of it by one traffic light. Dive time is dependent upon air consumption, and is on average 50 minutes.  Beach access parking is available. Gear is included, if you favor your own, by all means bring it!

Bring: Your sense of adventure, towel, reef safe sunblock (see above note in red), swimsuit and gratuity if you are that type of awesome person.

Certified Diver – Off-site Dive:

This is a 2 hour program and a single tank dive at dive site of your choice.

  • Choose dive site (depending on ocean conditions)
  • Become fitted for gear
  • Guide transports all gear and tanks for you
  • Guide sets up gear for you
  • Meet your guide at the site
  • Participate in thorough dive briefing
  • Enjoy!
  • Guide disassembles, transports and cleans gear for you, so please be nice to your guide.

Off site dives must be booked in advance, and are dependent upon ocean conditions. Transportation can be provided from the Hyatt Regency or Westin KOR Villas.

Bring: phone, towel, water, credit card for payment and a snack or ask your guide for best local lunch spots!